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Brockville Pest Control Services

All staff are certified structural pesticide applicators by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment. All our staff are trained by accredited Pest Control facility or college equivalent. Our Brockville Pest Control Company is fully insured, and all employees work under strict rules set by W.S.I.B. We offer complete residential & commercial pest services in Brockville, ON.


Brockville Bed Bug Control

We are excited to now offer our customers the latest technology in Brockville bed bug control. Over the last couple of years, Brockville Public Health has received an increase in calls regarding bed bugs. Literally anyone can become infested with bed bugs, which are small biting insects that multiply quickly and travel easily. A Beg Bug infestion can be stressful, prevent sleep, cause infections, allergic reactions, and more. Call our Brockville Beg Bugs Certified Technicians Today!

Brockville spider Control

Spiders are not insects they are arachnids and are actually closely related to mites, ticks and scorpions. Spiders have two body parts, eight legs and usually six to eight eyes. The average life span of a spider is usually one to two years.
It will be required for all people and pets to remain out of treated areas for a minimum a few hours. Our Brockville Pest Control team recommends that people with asthma, heart conditions, women who are pregnant and children under the age of 24 months remain out of treated areas for at least 24 hours.

Brockville Cluster Fly Control

Often confused with the common House Fly, Cluster Flies are roughly the same size. the main difference is that they fly somewhat more slowly than the House Fly. Cluster Flies breed in the ground outside of buildings during warm weather using earthworms as a food source. In temperate areas, these flies begins to go indoors finding any small crevices that permit easy entry into home or commercial areas. The flies appear at windows buzzing and "clustering" around those areas to the dismay of the occupants. Brockville Cluster Flies can be a big problem, call our certified team to deal with your cluster fly problem today!


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Quality Pest Control takes pride in providing safe, efficient, and dependable service to your home. All technicians treat every home as if it were their own.

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Established in 1989. All staff are certified structural pesticide applicators by the Ontario Ministry of the Environment